CLI resource pool management

This document explains resource-pool management tasks you can perform with the MAAS CLI.

Quick questions you may have:

Creating a resource pool

Here’s an example that demonstrates how to create a new resource pool named myresource.

maas $PROFILE resource-pools create name=myresource description="A new resource pool."

The description field is optional.

List available resource pools

maas $PROFILE resource-pools read

List a single resource pool

maas $PROFILE resource-pool read $RESOURCE_POOL_ID

Update a resource pool

maas $PROFILE resource-pool update $RESOURCE_POOL_ID name=newname description="A new description."

The name and description fields are optional.

Delete a resource pool

maas $PROFILE resource-pool delete $RESOURCE_POOL_ID

Add a machine to a resource pool

maas $PROFILE machine update $SYSTEM_ID pool=$POOL_NAME