Cannot boot pxe from fiber NIC

I cannot boot pxe though fiber NIC. but i face this problem.
Before that. i can boot pxe on onboard copper NIC.
As you see the screen capture, i am not sure ipv6 is it cause this problem.
i have no idea config fiber NIC during boot or disable Maas dhcp ipv6?

@BFT, two things:

first, can you use this guide to give us more information? you don’t need to report a bug yet, but the information listed in this document is what we need to help you: e.g., what version of MAAS, any log file besides the console screenshot above, etc.

second, have you tried basic network debugging of your path? can you reach the device from your MAAS host?

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Suspected it’s related with Can't PXE boot Mellanox Connectx-3 40GBE Ethernet to enlist HP DL380p Gen 8s into MAAS

yeah, that might be a bug; hard to tell. please file a bug anyway, which will get us some increased focus here. i can’t see an immediate answer to the questions.