Can't PXE boot Mellanox Connectx-3 40GBE Ethernet to enlist HP DL380p Gen 8s into MAAS

I’m very new to MAAS, I have 5 HP DL380p Gen 8’s equipped with the HP Mellanox dual port NICs Connectx-3 capable, using Mellanox DAC cables going into an Mellanox SX6036 with ethernet license enabled. The Mellanox cables are 40Gbe cables, NICs recognize speed as 40gbe etc. The Connectx-3 are definitely PXEboot capable. I followed all of the MAAS instructions, and have the region+rack controller set up. I’m just trying to enlist/comission the machines to get them recognized / showing up in MAAS as machines. When using the remote html5 console in ILO, I’m able to watch the boot process. It looks like the PXEboot process starts, but then quickly stalls out.

I see the following at the bottom of the boot up process:

tftp://… ok
lpxelinux.0 : 76040 bytes [PXE-NBP]

PXELINUX 6.04 lwIP 20191223 Copyright © 1994-2015 H. Peter Anvin et all

Failed to load ldlinux.c32
Boot failed: press a key to retry, or wait for the reset…

So I followed the instructions and kept waiting for that reset, kept watching it reset, and still no luck. Not sure where the source of the problem maybe or if anyone has similar experience with Mellanox stuff, would appreciate some pointers.

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By the way, using lastest version of MAAS, fresh install of 3.1

I have experience.
ConnectX-3 Pro has no stop factors with MaaS 2.9/3.1.
ConnectX-3 Pro only has problems with the fact that it is EOL and there is no support for some technologies.

Please see logs
sudo tail /var/snap/maas/common/log/maas.log

Thanks for the quick reply. From your post I gather it is possible to get MAAS up and running using the connectx-3 cards to PXE boot the machines? So there is hope?

In my moments of frustration, I was almost thinking I might have to change course and put some standard 1Gbe nics in the machines and try it from that route, but that may be more headaches in an alternate form, and feel I should stay the course if I can.

I’ll take a look at the logs, and post them here after the Holidays, in a little over a week. Hope you have a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

Best Regards

do not forget to update the firmware and Happy Holidays )

Yea I have all sorts of problems now, and quickly scrolling through I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the Mellanox related stuff.

In the new year now. I’m having issues with the Mass Controller not fully operational. One of the errors popping up in the controller dashboard is… Mount the root ‘/’ filesystem to be able to deploy this node.

I have Maas in an ubuntu focal fossa VM in Hyper-v, on one of my DL380Ps, with a 40GB virtual disk for the controller VM.

any luck solving this one, @ubuntuusersince2005?