Can not apply stage final no datasource found

Hi There,

Am using maas 2.8 stable version

am getting this error when adding a machine in maas.can anyone help me to resolve this issue
can not apply stage final no datasource found.

i don’t know why its happen.Please guide me if anyone have idea about this issue.


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my quick advice would be to search discourse for similar errors. a few users have seen this before.

@billwear thanks for your reply let me check

Hello, @billwear and @antojohnaz.

Do you know what is a root cause? I have the same problem.

seems like a race condition of some sort. happens sporadically for me. buggy software somwhere. I’m using virtualbox, so maybe that’s part of it. I’m using 3.1

@antojohnaz, did you ever figure this out?

I am hitting the same issue, after repeated attempts to enlist a machine which was previously enlisted fine. I deleted it to try something, and now can’t get it enlisted again with the above error.

We are running 3.2.0 on 1 regiond and 2 separate rackd controllers, and this is the first time we have tried to enlist a machine with that version, and probably for some months.