Boot from CD to MaaS

A kind of weird question but I was wondering if it could have been possible to built a boot CD that would allow to override PXE boot inability in some environments. Probably boot a mini image, setup networking and then contact MaaS to do all the fancy staff.

If your environment doesn’t support PXE boot you could try iPXE on a CD. If iPXE supports your network card you’ll be able to use the normal MAAS images as iPXE will chainload LPXELinux.

I’d like to get a bit more detail on this as I wonder if it may help answer my question.

If I set MAAS as next-server from my other DHCP server (that is able to boot the machines that MAAS cannot), will it be able to grab an IP from MAAS, and go into the usual commisisoning process? Would I need to disable my other PXE server after it’s booted, to prevent it issuing a second DHCP IP to it instead of MAAS doing that?