3.5.0 Release Schedule

Below is our initial plan for releasing MAAS 3.5.0.

Amount of Beta and Release Candidates versions might be adjusted depending on the ongoing work progress and the tests results.

Update 2024-03-11
We’ve identified several bugs in beta1 and MAAS team is currently working on fixes.
We will either release beta2 or we will go straight to RC1 depending on our internal test run results, however the release schedule dates were moved by 2-4 weeks.

If you find any bugs, please fill them at Bugs : MAAS

Version Date Notes
3.5.0-beta1 2024-03-04
3.5.0-RC1 2024-04-08
3.5.0-Final 2024-05-20

I am confused by the timeline: Is 3.4.0 becoming LTS and 3.5.0 becoming the feature release branch?

Hi @maasuser1

MAAS has no LTS release.
We aim to release new minor versions every 6 months and maintain them for two years.

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Thank you for the explanation!