2.9 BETA release notes

Beta 5 (02 October 2020)

  • The following parameters have been added to 30-maas-01-bmc-config
    • maas_auto_ipmi_user - The username for the MAAS created IPMI user. Default comes from the global configuration setting.
    • maas_auto_ipmi_user_password - The password for the MAAS created IPMI user, by default a random password is generated.
    • maas_auto_ipmi_k_g_bmc_key - he IPMI K_g preshared encryption key to be set when adding the MAAS IPMI user. Note not all IPMI BMCs support setting the k_g key, if MAAS is unable to set the key commissioning will fail. Default comes from the global configuration setting.
    • maas_auto_ipmi_user_privilege_level - The IPMI user privilege level to use when adding the MAAS IPMI user. Possible options are USER, OPERATOR, or ADMIN. Default comes from the global configuration setting.
  • New global IPMI configuration options have been added
    • maas_auto_ipmi_k_g_bmc_key
    • maas_auto_ipmi_user_privilege_level
  • You may now set the global configuration options maas_auto_ipmi_user, maas_auto_ipmi_k_g_bmc_key, and maas_auto_ipmi_user_privilege_level on the Settings page in the UI under Commissioning

Beta 4 (25 September 2020)

  • New maas.power CLI command
    • Available in all MAAS 2.9 Beta releases
    • New maas.power CLI command interfaces directly with the supported MAAS power drivers.
    • Can be used to control the power on a machine before it has been added to MAAS.
    • Works for all maas supported power drivers. You can get power status, turn machines on or off, and cycle power. The maas.power --help shows usage details, including syntax for naming each power type (consistent with other MAAS CLI commands).

There is also a quick tutorial available, if you would like to see the feature in action.

  • IPMI BMC Detection improvements
    • The IPMI cipher suite ID will now be automatically detected. MAAS tries to find the most secure cipher suite available. Preference order is 17, 3, 8, 12. If detection fails MAAS will fall back to using freeipmi-tool default, 3, which is what previous versions of MAAS use.
    • The IPMI K_g BMC key will now be automatically detected if previously set.

Beta 3 (18 September 2020)

  • BMC improvements:
    • IPMI, HP Moonshot, and Facebook Wedge BMC detection and configuration scripts have been migrated to the commissioning script 30-maas-01-bmc-config .
    • BMC detection and configuration are now logged to commissioning results.
    • If BMC configuration is skipped a ScriptResult will log this result, and indicate which user chose to skip the configuration step.
  • Three new configuration options have been added to the IPMI power driver:
    • K_g - The BMC Key of the IPMI device. Used to encrypt all traffic to and from the device during communication.
    • Cipher Suite ID - The cipher suite to use when communicating with the IPMI BMC. Only 3, 8, 12, and 17 are available as only those enable ciphers for authentication, integrity, and confidentiality. Defaults to 3, freeipmi-tools default. See http://fish2.com/ipmi/bp.pdf for more information.
    • Privilege Level - The IPMI privilege level to use when communicating with the BMC. Defaults to OPERATOR.

Beta 2 (11 September 2020)

  • maas-run-remote-scripts can now enlist machines.
  • Enlistment user_data scripts have been removed.
  • The metadata endpoints http://<MAAS>:5240/<latest or 2012-03-01>/ and http://<MAAS>:5240/<latest or 2012-03-01>/meta-data/ are now available anonymously for use during enlistment.

Beta 1 (08 September 2020)

  • Allow commissioning scripts to send BMC configuration data:
    • Commissioning scripts can now be used to configure BMC data.
    • The environment variable BMC_CONFIG_PATH is passed to serially run commissioning scripts.
    • These scripts may write BMC power credentials to BMC_CONFIG_PATH in a YAML format where each key is the power parameter.
    • If the commissioning script returns 0 it will be sent to MAAS.
    • The first script to write BMC_CONFIG_PATH is the only script that may configure the BMC, allowing you to override MAAS’s builtin BMC detection.
  • All builtin commissioning scripts have been migrated into the database.
  • Commissioning scripts have been reordered and some are now set to run in parallel. You can now easily set a script to run before the builtin MAAS commissioning scripts.
    • 00-maas-03-install-lldpd -> 20-maas-01-install-lldpd
    • 00-maas-05-dhcp-unconfigured-ifaces -> 20-maas-02-dhcp-unconfigured-ifaces
    • 99-maas-05-kernel-cmdline -> maas -kernel-cmdline
    • 00-maas-00-support-info -> maas-support-info(now runs in parallel)
    • 00-maas-01-lshw -> maas-lshw(now runs in parallel)
    • 00-maas-04-list-modaliases -> maas-list-modaliases(now runs in parallel)
    • 00-maas-06-get-fruid-api-data -> maas-get-fruid-api-data(now runs in parallel)
    • 00-maas-08-serial-ports -> maas-serial-ports(now runs in parallel)
    • 99-maas-01-capture-lldp -> maas-capture-lldp(now runs in paralle)
  • Commissioning should now take 60s.
  • Logging has been added to 20-maas-01-install-lldpd (commissioning log output).
  • Logging added to 20-maas-02-dhcp-unconfigured-ifaces (commissioning log output).
  • user_data can now be input directly into the UI.

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