XCP-NG power driver

Hi all,
I’ve had a look around but can’t see if anyone else had this issue. I am using xcp-ng / XOA for my hypervisor and want to set maas to power cycle the machines automatically. I previously used Proxmox and there was an option in the drop down menu for that but I can’t see anything for xcp-ng aka Xenserver. Any ideas?


Hi @mark-brierley

MAAS doesn’t support Xenserver out of the box, however you can still integrate via Webhook power driver.

You may also like to try maaspower which is a community project designed to be used with the MAAS webhook driver. It is a pluggable system that accepts MAAS webhooks and can translate them to other external systems. Note: it is not supported by Canonical.

It seems that it is possible to power control machines via XAPI, so in theory it should not be hard.

  1. Configure MAAS to call a Webhook power driver
  2. Implement a service that accepts HTTP calls from MAAS and translates to a corresponding XAPI call

Thanks @troyanov .I’ll look into those solutions. I’m new to this so the whole webhook thing is a bit daunting. Might be easier to move back to Proxmox (it’s only a test environment)