Would it be a good idea to deploy MAAS for a Small Website?

Hi Friends,

I am operating this small website, but I have plans to scale in over time. Any idea if Maas is going to help me on the way. Or should I stick with regular servers?

It depends on how much you will scale. If you only have one physical machine right now and want to add another in like 1 year or something like that I don’t think it makes sense to use MAAS.
What would make a bit more sense is to use Juju (https://jaas.ai/docs) since it’s more useful for scaling services. MAAS only handles the underlying hardware and the OS installation - which isn’t that much in its own.
But in order to use Juju you either need a cloud account (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc) or a MAAS environment - so it depends how you want to go forward with your installation (in a public cloud or in your own MAAS cloud).

My personal opinion is that for a web server you really don’t need MAAS

Thanks! That was clear enough