Why the HA-rack controller reboot wiil boot in pxe and run commissioning then power off?

In my env, all machines setup to boot in pxe frist.
I have two rack-controller under the subnet and only one rack-controller enable dhcpd. When i reboot the other rack it will run commissioning then power off.
How do i prevent that from happening. I just wish two rack-controller could reboot each other.

Hi, if you want MAAS to just control power for controllers, you should disable netboot on those machines from the bios.

Alternatively you could deploy racks from maas itself. In that case MAAS will see the machine as deployed and won’t recommission it if you just turn it off/on.

I noticed that setting rack-controller status to 6 seems to solve the problem.

i dont know if I could do that

Yes, setting the status to DEPLOYED (6) does the trick as MAAS will not try to commission a deployed host (as mentioned above).

What version of MAAS are you using? The latest (3.1) should automatically mark controllers as deployed.

verision is 2.9.2 :sweat_smile:

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