Why is my deploy failing?

I have a pod on a box provisioned as a KVM host. I have successfully deployed one composed machine on the host. When I try to compose the remaining space and deploy it fails.

How do I determine why this is failing. I am going to try giving it more disk.

It is trying to deploy 18.04LTS on 8g of drive space.

Not sure if that is the problem…

@db0west I found that when deploying Ubuntu 19.04 to a composed machine the deploy would fail and role back.

What I ended up doing was logging directly into the pod itself and looking for clues on the Virtual Machine console using:

virsh console machine-name

Long story short, the virtual machine was running out of memory and would crash, but I only got that visibility by logging onto the VM console.
The MAAS machine log simply reports “Installation has failed and no output was given.”

Thanks @dvnt. That was super useful and I wanted to know how to use virsh to log into the boxes.

I did find out that it was the hdd space I was allocating. I upped it and the os was able to install. I am currently having problems deploying again, this time to non virtual boxes. I think it has more to me having them set as manual for the power setting (I have to) and just mismanaging when I turn them on and off. That can be fiddly business and that is why I prefer the virtual boxes. At least with them MAAS can handle the power cycling for me.

Well, thanks again for replying and this thread can be cancelled. Hope it is useful for people having problems deploying to KVM composed boxes.

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