Why exactly does MAAS need a dhcp server if I already have one?

I already have a DHCP server, with combined DNS, from Infoblox. It allocates addresses and allows all my engineers to get IP addresses for their system via DNS. MAAS, on the other hand, seems to create it’s own FQDN’s at random, using silly names. None of my engineers know these names, and I don’t have time to input another DNS address into all of their laptops so that they can resolve MAAS names.
If MAAS absolutely had to have it’s own DHCP system, then I would not ask. But their is no reason MAAS must have this as a requirement. MAAS deployed systems can have the DNS name or IP address of the rack controller stored internally at deploy time, and do all communications necessary. Instead, Canonical is busy writing blog posts as to why their way is the only way, and how to adjust your enterprise to meet their requirements.
MAAS is so close to being ready for use in an enterprise. But the added trouble we have to go to, for no discernable reason, makes it expensive for the value received.

I hope someone can set me straight.