Why can't I chose different Image for commissioning, except Ubuntu LTS version?

Hello Guys,
I have been using the MaaS since a week, neither online documentation nor any other source could answer my question.
I have downloaded many Ubuntu images, but when I choose the commissioning image version, the MaaS doesn’t let me choose any other image, except Ubuntu LTS Versions.
May I kindly ask, if I am doing something not correct, or MaaS is designed so?
Thanks a lot your kind reply.

@na88nar, welcome to the world of MAAS! great to hear you’re diving into using it. regarding your question about commissioning images, what you’re experiencing is actually by design. MAAS typically uses specific, minimal Ubuntu images for commissioning. these ephemeral images are designed to be lightweight and efficient for just the commissioning process.

commissioning is crucial for MAAS to gather information about the hardware and ensure the machines are ready for deployment, hence the specialized images, which we can actually control. after commissioning, when it comes to actually deploying your machines, that’s when you can choose from the various Ubuntu images you’ve downloaded.

if you’re looking to use non-LTS versions or other distributions for deployment, you should be able to do so after the commissioning process is complete. just ensure that these images are downloaded and available in your MAAS image repository, and if necessary, built with packer.

if you’re still facing issues or have more questions, feel free to ask. the community here is always ready to help out.

thank you so much for your reply, I may I kindly ask you one more question? if you could guide me to find the default username and password of the Ubuntu machines which the clients get, it would be really nice.
I could find neither in Scripts, nor anywhere online documentation.
or I can define by myself.

@na88ar, feel free to ask all the questions you want. here’s the skinny on your latest:

  • to log in at all, you’ll need an SSH key for your local user shared with MAAS
  • to log in post-commissioning, you’ll need to check a box labeled “leave on after commissioning” on the commissioning screen before you start commissioning
  • to log in once you’ve started the machine, use the username ‘ubuntu’ – you won’t need a password, since SSH key.

dear @billwear, thank you so much for your activity reply and support. I think, there is something big step missing in my setup or my understanding.
The clients can boot perfectly fine, but in the MaaS GUI, doesn’t appear any clients, which I can configure anything (your second step guidance).
I have tried on different machines with different chips (arm64 and and 64), but all the same.

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