Who is responsible for node base config?


I’ve got a problem with IPv4 and IPv6. It originates from deploying the juju OpenStack bundle. My MAAS has no IPv6 subnets. When I did the deployment in January, it worked fine. Nodes and containers obtained IPv4 addresses, and it worked fine. Today, Nodes get IPv4, and containers both IPv6 and IPv4. However, for some reason, juju picks the IPv6 address.

When I investigated this, I noticed that the January nodes were deployed with kernel version 5.4.0-137, whereas a node deployed today would get 5.4.0-139. That makes sense. But then, when I look at the installed snaps, it’s different.
A January deployed node had these;

Mon Feb 13 14:37:06 UTC 2023
Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
core20 20230126 1822 latest/stable canonical✓ base
lxd 5.10-b392610 24323 latest/stable canonical✓ -
snapd 2.58 17950 latest/stable canonical✓ snapd

whereas the February nodes;

Mon Feb 13 14:46:30 UTC 2023
Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
core20 20221123 1738 latest/stable canonical✓ base
lxd 5.0.2-838e1b2 24322 5.0/stable canonical✓ -
snapd 2.57.6 17883 latest/stable canonical✓ snapd

Not sure if this is the cause of my IPv4/v6 problems, but it seems strange that a node deployed later would end up with older software.

So, who determines what software is installed? Do the snaps come from the image or from the bundle? And who determines if the node will, or will not support IPvX?


@pal-arlos, this really looks like a Juju question. did you already ask there?