Which document page I should update or report issues to?


I am aware of a possible document error. The link https://maas.io/docs/snap/2.9/ui/maas-tags#heading--per-node-kernel-boot-options for the topic of per-node-kernel-boot-options points to nothing, and it looks very likely the content should be in this page instead.

I have referred to the how-to for editing MAAS document (WIP) , and I think what I need is different: for example, I could not tell what is the “more official” page and which one I should edit or report issues between these pages[*]. May anyone tell me the difference between them? I feel like the whole MAAS document is in some transition stage to adapt a new flow, and I am glad to follow up and contribute some of my effort. Thank you very much!

https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/maas-docs/blob/master/en/nodes-kernel-options.md (the github repository seems inactive?)
Kernel boot options
CLI kernel management (snap/2.9/UI)
Kernel boot options (snap/2.9/UI) ( the bottom banner of https://maas.io/docs/snap/2.9/ui/kernel-boot-options brings me here)


@tai271828, very happy that you’re interested in getting involved! you’re correct that the documentation is partway toward a new model, and thus is a little hard to edit. i’m working on a tutorial that makes better sense, but haven’t finished it yet.

for now, just reporting these things is fantastic! i will prioritize them and get them fixed. and you are on my list to get draft copies of the tutorial so you can try them and help make user doc editing better.

thanks again for your initiative and involvement!


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