Where are cloud-init logs stored on VMware deploys?

I know that for example Ubuntu cloud-init logs are stored at /var/log/cloud-init.log however when deploying ESXi via MaaS with cloud-init, that log file doesn’t appear. The cloud-init script mostly runs fine, but I’d like to see the output somewhere for the failures. I’ve tried with the following at the start but no joy.

exec &> /var/log/cloud-init.log

The ESXi install doesn’t use cloud-init, so there are no cloud init logs.

The custom MAAS kickstart puts its logs in /var/log/maas.log on the ESXi server.

It’s been a while since I deployed ESXi, so I can’t say how much actually ends up in that file.


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Thanks, Lloyd. That file doesn’t appear on the ESXi build I’m doing. Interestingly I am passing a cloud-init script via maas $USER machine deploy command, and it does run when deploying ESXi. I can see related entries in various log files, but nothing specific.
Thanks again.

The ESXi packer template that you will have downloaded to build the ESXi image contains all the python code being run to configure the system being deployed. You can dig around in there for more information about what is going on.

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