When will it be possible to deploy 20.04 based KVM hosts ?


One nice feature of MaaS is the ability to deploy “KVM hosts” aka bare metal KVM based hypervisors that are deployed then automatically registered as KVM host in MaaS so that they can be used to deploy VMs with MaaS.

However, this is by now limited to Ubuntu 18.04 based deployments and not 20.04 or even CentOS based deployments.

Of course, you can still deploy your machines then install libvirt and register those hypervisors by hand but you lack the benefits of automatic provisionning which is a cool feature.

I don’t understand why since basically, deploying libvirt is strictly identical from 18.04 to 20.04 so why this requirement ?

As for CentOS, since we’re using official maas.io cloud images, I don’t see why it couldn’t be easily done with CentOS too (this is basically just a yum install libvirt then do the conf exactly the way you would do with Ubuntu based deployment).

Not that it is a mandatory feature or that we would absolutely need it but I was just curious about that and if there is an ETA on when this feature would be extended at least to 20.04 and higher.

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We’re currently testing KVM Focal deployments and plan to add support for Focal KVM deployments to MAAS 2.9

We don’t support deploying a KVM host to CentOS or other non-Ubuntu distros as we don’t have the ability to fix issues if they come up.

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