When upgrading MAAS, are services interrupted?

I’d like to know if I need to take a downtime or not to upgrade MAAS. I’m concerned DNS will go down in the process.


If you are using deb, the DNS service is not stopped.
If you are using snap, the service is technically stopped and restarted so there is a very small window of downtime.

However, are you running a single region controller?

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No I am using region + rack controller and rack controller

So you are using one region controller and multiple rack controllers. Please note that your setup is not HA, so you might have downtime if there is any issue with the node hosting the region controller

Yes that is my setup. If what you’re saying is true, then the documentation needs to be updated to reflect this as it contradicts what you said.

You only need to install multiple rack controllers to achieve real high availability.


I understand that sentence is misleading for those who don’t know what HA is, thank you pointing it out we have to rephrase it.

Have multiple region controllers is the answer to full HA correct?

The whole point of HA is to avoid single point of failures. Every components should be redundant. I.e. you should have multiple region controllers, multiple racks and also postgres in an HA setup. If you read the entire document you linked here, it should cover these components

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