When does the DB schema change?

Hey everyone,
Just wondering when the database changes? Every minor version? (x.x.1) Every intermediate versions? (x.1.x)

I ask because we’ve had to do some unpleasant things to our database (was originally on the apt installed version of 2.4 beta or 2.5, migrated to a stable, then migrated to 2.7 (apt), and finally 2.8 (snap) and had to copy in schema from a clean 2.8 DB to get it working on 2.8.x

So we’re a bit nervous about leaving it auto-updating on the 2.8 channel (though it’s gone through rc2-final safely).
That last move to 2.8.x was pretty painful (it broke when I tried to do an apt-get update on the 2.7PPA about 5PM… I didn’t leave until about 2:15AM)

So how safe am I leaving it on the snap auto updating?

Thank you!

We only make database changes between major and minor releases. Micro releases there are no database changes.

Previous version New Version Database Changes
2.8.0 3.0.0 Yes
2.7.1 2.8.0 Yes
2.8.0 2.8.1 No

Awesome, thank you, ltrager!