What's coming for MAAS 2.5.1 and 2.6

Hi All,

Its been a while since I’ve provided an update, so I wanted to quickly share what we are currently working on towards MAAS 2.6 (and some minor things for 2.5.1):

  • Redfish support - We will support redfish power management only (this is now available in trunk but will be backported to 2.5.1 as experimental).

  • Multiple default gateways - MAAS will, by default, now configure multiple default gateways for machines that are deployed in multiple subnets.

  • MAAS as a snap - We will be working on fully confining the snap, so that it will no longer be a “devmode” snap. Once it is available, we will default to the use of the snap and update the packaging to install snaps instead.

  • Improved ESXi storage support - Currently, ESXi installation only covers installing the image to a root disk. The work we are targeting now is to be able to select any additional disks of the machine and add them to the same storage group (which is used for VM/image store).

  • Performance - We are working on gathering performance metrics from MAAS itself (too see resource consumption) as well as working to improve performance across various areas.

  • Exploring storage and networking layouts - We are exploring implementing support for defining layouts/templates for both storage and networking, and apply those to machines on demand by creating an expression language. We are in exploration phase and we will provide more details.