Wake on LAN

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We are experimenting with MAAS to try to analyse it, and if better, change the paradigm we use to provision our machines.

We would like to know (if it’s not already the case, which seems not to me) how to easily modify all ephemerals so that they enable (with the help of ethtool?) wake on LAN on all detected / available interfaces?

Also then how to create a CLI command / an API method / a GUI button in front of each MAC on the machine info, to be able to send the wake on LAN packet, maybe using ethwake?

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Hi, trying to understand what you are trying to achieve. Do you have servers that don’t have BMCs or e.g. intel amt?

And why would you need to enable WOL from within ephemeral?

Anyway, there is some work that uses the webhook driver to do WOL:

but to power machines off you might need to alter it.

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I hope you’re doing fine !

“Hi, trying to understand what you are trying to achieve. Do you have servers that don’t have BMCs or e.g. intel amt?”

Yes, we have “servers” but naming them “machines” is better, whatever their purpose, that don’t support any kind of BMC, AMT, whatever, features.

“And why would you need to enable WOL from within ephemeral?”

We feel that, if by default, at first power on, at their physical location, ephemeral (and any subsequent boots) just always enable, via “ethtool?” the WOL features on all available interfaces, we then remove the steps of thinking about configuring the bioses to ensure WOL being enbabled and so we ensure we could (re)boot after ephemerals has done their jobs and powered them off…
If you could just point us in the right direction, we don’t mind to try to rebuild ephemerals ourself, or another script ways? to acheive it ourself.

Thanks for your webhook links, does this answer my previous question, cause I will have to put some effort on that, which I can’t put right now, to check if it answer our needs. But as soon as I can I’ll do.

Then following previous step, if there is a way to just add a clickable WOL in front of each MAC address in machines details, that will just do the job;-)
Did you also mean to use your webhook here?

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We used to have WOL in MAAS, but because it cannot cater for powering off machines, and also no reliable hardware mechanism to check the power status, it was removed. There are no plans to put WOL directly back into MAAS, but the webhook power driver is designed to let you do anything you like.

I wrote a very basic toy webhook server here to use a smartplug to control my home test machine (which is just a regular PC): https://github.com/antongisli/tplinkW215-maas-webhook-server

You can take a look at it and see how it works.

For your questions about ephemeral, is there any reason you can’t use commissioning scripts?

Thanks Anton I guess everything has been answered, thanks for your support! Have a nice day! Best Regards, Mickaël.

we had good reasons for taking it out (last i checked there’s no such thing as Sleep On LAN :wink: ) but if you need it you might want to check out