VNIC on maas node

Hello, I am interested is it possible to add virtual network interface card to a node controlled by MAAS?

I take it you mean, for a KVM machine? We intend to model openvswitch (OVS) in netplan, curtin and then MAAS. That would be a useful general scaffold to provide what you’re looking for.

I mean bare metal node. Not a KVM machine. It says that I need 2 NIC. I would prefer to use only one physical for each node and the second would be virtual network interface card added via maas. Is it possible?

I read about VLANs But I am not sure if it will work in this installation

Ah, OK, now I understand what you mean.

Our current reference architecture for OpenStack uses two different NICs, but we are currently working to update that architecture to use a single NIC (or single bond). As part of that work, we want to make use of OVS and virtual nic’s as you suggest, but that is not currently available. I am not sure how best to advise you - I believe it is possible to build OpenStack with a single nic per server of course, but you’ll need to wade through some details that I don’t have handy.

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So, as I understand it is impossible to use only one NIC of any kind juju and maas for openstack deployment?

I believe it is possible to do what you want. I just don’t have any pointers to a step-by-step instruction guide. We are planning to update our step-by-step instructions to a single NIC but I think that we wanted to do that based on new features coming in the next versions of MAAS and Juju.

@sabdfl Do you have any update on this topic?

@alishir, since this was posted, we have released several new versions of MAAS which work with bonded NICs. what is your particular situation, and what version of MAAS are you using?