VMWare Power Configuration with functional HTTPS?

I haven’t used MaaS for about two years, but I remember before that I had to use the “https+unverified” trick to get it to connect to VMWare VM’s so it could power them on. I’m now back with the latest 3.4 with a fresh install, and it seems this is still the case even after I added my rootCA certificate and even tried adding it to python’s cacert.pem file in case the scripts weren’t finding Ubuntu’s default ca-certificate.

From my MaaS server I can curl to my vCenter without any issues using my rootCA, but the web gui still throws an error about being unable to verifiy: “Failed to query node’s BMC - (SSLCertVerificationError(1, ‘[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1007)’),)”

I’ve spent almost two hours searching for anyone who has a working setup, but all the results are just pointing people to using the work around. Does anyone have it working securely?

Hi @velmeran , what MAAS version are you using, and which installation method (snap or deb)?

Hi @velmeran , I looked at the code, and it seems if you give https+unverified as protocol, it works.