Virtual Hosting by unprivileged users

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Why can’t a standard user, not an admin, deploy a KVM / LXD host?

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actions which could alter the environment, such as deploying a VM, are considered privileged in the MAAS model.

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Could you be more specific, what do you mean by alter the environment, which environment ? Which alteration ?
Do you have examples?

Also could you link to some documentation about the MaaS Model?

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sadly, we don’t have a good MAAS permissions model.

lemme use my local MAAS to get you some examples.

so here i have a MAAS with a few admins and at least one “User” (Chekov):

i log in as “Archer” who is an admin:

if i select a “Ready” machine (Hood), i can do these things with it (see the pulldown menu):

now i’m going to log out, and log in as user Chekov:

you’ll notice right away, as Chekov, i have no access to Settings:

and i only have access to machines that were not previously allocated to someone else:

note that i can allocate this “Ready” machine to Chekov, and then deploy it:

i realize now that i confused you above. you had said “why can’t a regular user deploy a machine” – i assumed it was already allocated to someone else, my bad. a regular user can deploy an unallocated machine that is in the Ready state, but they can’t even see machines that are allocated to someone else.

that’s what i mean by “not disturbing the environment” – if someone else “owns” a machine for the moment (i.e., has it allocated), a regular user can’t change the state of that machine in any way. we assume that a regular user doesn’t have enough information or privilege to undo what another user is doing. it’s the same as the difference between root and a regular user in UNIX, except that MAAS doesn’t show what’s available and give “permission denied” warnings – it just doesn’t show things to regular users at all.

hope this helps. happy to sketch out a few more scenarios if that will help you, i have a local MAAS and i can play with it at will.

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Sorry for that, but we had well understood all that and we’re fine with it.

My question, maybe not well phrased is that when deploying a physical machine an admin can makes it an LXD/KVM host, why not unprivileged users?

Or maybe it just doesn’t work for jammy.

When will 3.2 be avaible for production ?

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3.2 is imminent, AFAICT. closer to days than weeks atm.

3.2 has been released.