Virsh Menu Not Immediately Visible in MaaS UI (v3.4 Snap)

Hey folks!

I’ve encountered an interesting UI behavior in MaaS that I wanted to share and see if others have experienced the same. Specifically, the Virsh menu under the KVM section isn’t immediately visible in the MaaS UI upon initial installation.

Here’s what I observed:

  1. After a fresh MaaS installation, the Virsh menu isn’t visible under the KVM section in the MaaS UI.
  • Initial MaaS UI without Virsh menu:


  1. However, if I manually replace MAAS/r/kvm/lxd with MAAS/r/kvm/virsh in the MaaS URL, the Virsh page appears as expected.
  • MaaS UI with Virsh page (still no menu) after URL modification:


  1. Once I deploy or connect an Ubuntu host as a KVM/Libvirt host, the Virsh menu becomes permanently visible in the MaaS UI.
  • MaaS UI during Ubuntu host deployment as KVM Host:


  • MaaS UI with Virsh menu after Ubuntu host deployment


I’m curious if this is a known issue, a design choice, or perhaps a bug. It seems a bit counterintuitive to have the Virsh menu hidden until a machine is provisioned with Ubuntu and registered as a KVM/Libvirt host.


Hi @tmartins, it’s a design choice.

Virsh support is soft-deprecated in MAAS and we are trying to encourage people to use LXD instead. We’ll keep it running, but you shouldn’t expect new features.


Ahh, okay, no worries then. I’m a bit sad, Libvirt is nice. Thanks for your answer!

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