Using unknown-clients (MAAS only cares about machines I configure)

Hello Forum,

We get requests in the field to configure DHCPd in a dynamic way but with reserved leases, in-effect static. Today MAAS will automatically issue leases, and commission machines, which in some use cases is of course, valid.

We do have some use-cases outside of this though, where MAAS should not communicate/should ignore machines which is does not know about. dhcpd has this concept of unknown-clients, which configures a mode to deny any clients without a MAC configured in a host statement.

Today we are configuring MAAS with this, with some mixed success (its a WIP), but it would be great if MAAS could incorporate this in future versions.

This would look like:

  • Node IP set before commission (during enlistment, e.g. static IP for this node)
  • Subnet snippets/or configuration to enable a feature like “only issue DHCP leases to known MACs”

This would then automatically set the static IP for the node after it’s been enlisted, a feature which already exists.


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