Using Routed Subnets with MaaS

I’m currently setting up a MaaS server for our data center, and running into some issues. I have the MaaS server sitting in VLAN 1000 with in the subnet and an IP address of I also have VLAN 2000 with the subnet with DHCP relay pointing to the address. I added the subnet to the VLAN in the configuration with the I’m able to get a DHCP address from the server, but when it goes to connect to the TFTP server, it times out from the subnet, but doesn’t from the subnet.

Doing a TCPDUMP I’m able to see the inbound traffic, and I see rackd listening on the interface, but no response. I have verified that there is no firewall running on the box, and that there is no firewall between the two subnets.

Anyone have any idea what would be causing rackd to not respond to the subnet?

Hi @tallwireless

I’d suggest to look at the rackd logs (link) and check that the ftp requests were actually received.

Could you clarify also how you setup your network devices in order to let the devices in make TFTP and HTTP request to the rack in the subnet