Using MaaS OAuth 1.0 credentials for REST API integration tools

I’ve been attempting to add MaaS to some third-party automation and integration products (eg. n8n/Nodemation; Zapier; ReTool), but although I’ve read the MaaS API Authentication Reference documentation, I’ve not been able to make any headway.

When I attempt to add MaaS’s credentials via a header auth per the cURL example, the following does not work:
"Authorization" : "OAuth oauth_version=1.0, oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT, oauth_consumer_key={consumerKey}, oauth_token={token}, oauth_signature=&{signature}, oauth_nonce=$(uuidgen), oauth_timestamp=$(date +%s)"

If I instead want to add MaaS via OAuth 1.0 credentials, some of the tools prompt for the following, even though OAuth 1.0 was specified instead of OAuth 2.0:

  • Authorization URL
  • Access Token URL
  • Token Secret
  • Realm
  • Request Token URL
  • Signature Method (HMAC-SHA1; HMAC-SHA256; HMAC-SHA512)

Does anyone have any insight? (I suspect the OAuth 1.0 in these tools are actuall OAuth 1.0a… I’m not sure)

Can you paste verbose cURL output? I am wondering if you split API KEY correctly…

Just checked and it works for me:

❯ set API_KEY (string split : '4EQeqcnotB3SmCAARP:VDgsywawXZTSFyqqw:h77ZskPJsecretjxrQRNbMzaQ3Qa')
❯ MAAS_URL='' curl --header "Authorization: OAuth oauth_version=1.0, oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT, oauth_consumer_key=$API_KEY[1], oauth_token=$API_KEY[2], oauth_signature=&$API_KEY[3], oauth_nonce=$(uuidgen), oauth_timestamp=$(date +%s)" $MAAS_URL/MAAS/api/2.0/users/ -v

Hello @tlu-earthdaily
Do you still experiencing this issue? Unfortunately I cannot help you without knowing your curl parameters.