Using image streams

Canonical provides two SimpleStreams for MAAS images: candidate and stable. Both streams contain Ubuntu images, CentOS images, bootloaders extracted from the Ubuntu archive, and release notifications. Either stream can be used in any version of MAAS greater than 2.1, but not all images are supported in older versions.

Candidate stream

The candidate stream contains images and bootloaders which have not been explicitly tested with MAAS. Canonical’s automated build process dumps all images and bootloaders here before they are tested with MAAS. This stream is useful when testing a bug fix before an image or bootloader has been promoted to stable. The candidate stream should never be used in a production environment.

This stream is available here.

Stable stream

The stable stream contains images and bootloaders which have been tested with the latest version of MAAS. This is the default stream which should be used in production environments. This stream is available here.

Sunset of "daily" stream

Previously there was only one MAAS stream available, daily. This stream has been replaced by the stable stream. Any client using this stream will be automtically redirected to the stable stream.

Changing the stream - UI

To switch to the candidate stream simply select “custom” on the images page, set the URL to, and click “Connect”

MAAS uses the stable stream by default. To switch back to it simply select on the images page

Changing the stream - API/CLI

To switch to a stream with the CLI, enter the following commands:

BOOT_SOURCE_ID=$(maas $PROFILE boot-sources read | jq '.[] | select(.url | contains("")) | .id')
maas $PROFILE boot-source update $BOOT_SOURCE_ID url=$STREAM_URL