Used IP addresses in a Subnet empty even though DHCP leases are given out

I’m trying to understand why MAAS is sending out DHCP leases, but I don’t see any machines or used IP addresses in a subnet. It has given out a DHCP lease to both a BMC and a machine I’m trying to PXE boot (I can even see the machine request PXE files in the logs), but MAAS doesn’t seem to pick anything up as a machine or recognize that the IP address is even used.

Wondering what I can try next to actually get MAAS to start doing something.


Hi @jlamanna1576,

I do apologize, but I did not understand very well what’s the problem you are facing. Could you specify what is your setup (are you using an external DHCP server, for example) and reformulate what’s the issue and how to reproduce it?

MAAS is providing DHCP.
Hosts are on a different subnet than MAAS and a dhcp relay is configured.
Using MAAS 3.3.4.

Add subnet with the hosts and created a vlan for it in MAAS. Added the VLAN to fabric-0 and configured MAAS to relay through the untagged VLAN.

dhcpd.leases file in MAAS shows leases being given out to both the BMC and host, but nothing shows up under used IPs on the subnet page and no machines are auto discovered.

Did you provision these machines with MAAS? If not, they will not automatically show up in the machine list.
If you have already deployed some machines manually (i.e. without MAAS) and you want to add them to MAAS, please follow this guide

This is a new machine that I’ve set to PXE boot so it can be provisioned by MAAS.

I would also expect, regardless of existing or new machine, that DHCP leases that MAAS is giving out would show under “Used IP addresses” on the subnet page.

Maybe I need a better understand about how the MAAS discovery process works.

  • What does MAAS look for to find a new machine? Something specific in the DHCP response ?

You can take a look at the official documentation regarding how MAAS works with DHCP.

If you have an host on the subnet, you should see it under the “discovered hosts”