Use maas to handle a remote os loaded in ram

My plan is possibly to handle remote hardware setup in a zero trust manner:

  • The remote machine load the OS using PXE (or via ilo) in RAM
  • The OS stays in ram,
  • Data is encrypted on the disks local to the machine, access to it is done via the OS in memory

Is this possible to use MAAS to answeser to such request? Can we have crate an image that will be remotly loaded and shipped by the MAAS server and automate the encryption?

Hi @bchesneau ,

For MAAS version <= 3.4 you can deploy ubuntu images “ephemerally” (i.e. loaded in memory) using the CLI with

maas $USER machine deploy $MACHINE_ID ephemeral_deploy=true

In order to view all the possible parameters (os version to be deployed and other…), you can run

maas $USER machine deploy

For MAAS version >= 3.5 (not released yet) we are

  • adding support to handle ephemeral deployments with the UI
  • adding support for non-ubuntu images to be deployed ephemerally.

You can then manage your disks as you like

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thanks forr your answer. I will try :slight_smile: