Use MaaS as a simplestream source for Juju


I’m having an issue with the glance-simplestream-sync charm in Juju because apparently, there is a bug with this charm because it doesn’t rely on the Juju v2 proxy settings and thus, proxy configuration is wrong at the application level.
Due to this, the application can’t sync cloud images from and it fails.
I know this bug is being worked on but since there is an option to configure an alternative simplestream repository and since MaaS already mirror cloud-images for its own purpose, I was asking myself if I couldn’t use it as an alternative mirror for this charm.

So here is my question : can this be done (using MaaS as a cloud-images mirror) for external applications and how can it be done ?
I didn’t find any documentation giving the URL and/or credentials to do that, I don’t even know if this is just possible.

Thanks for your help