Upgrading MAAS server hardware

Hi all,
The time has come for me to replace the h/w that my MAAS is running on. How do people do this?

I’m not using MAAS to manage DHCP, my recursive DNS resolvers are secondaries for MAAS DNS and MAAS is only managing a my home and lab network, so this lowers the risk somewhat.

Lowering the risk is really rather good because I want to replace quite a lot of my current MAAS infrastructure. I want to deploy as a snap onto a new Ubuntu Server 20.04 build with a ZFS root and I want to use an external PostgreSQL server. I expect to dump/restore my current MAAS PostgreSQL data into the external server. Will PostgreSQL 12 work? Will MAAS create all the boot resource files on the new MAAS server when it sees all the boot resource data in PostgreSQL?

Anyone done this sort of thing before?


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