Upgrade to 3.3.0 and disks and storage doubled on main screen

I upgraded from 3.2.x to 3.3.0 and recommissioned an existing machine. On the front page, now disks and storage have gone completely wonky, but only on the main page of MaaS. When you narrow it down to a specific machine, it shows the true results of the actual number of disks and total disk storage.

Commission system in 3.2.x, upgrade maas to 3.3.0, re-commission system and results changed. This has happened to several machines to verify it wasn’t a fluke.

True hardware results:

False hardware results shown on maas ‘main’ page

I also noticed this after the upgrade to 3.3.0.

It seems that the doubling is also intermittent - sometimes the doubling is present and sometimes not. The doubling is also not uniformly present for all machines.

@james-o-benson this is a known bug which we hope to fix soon.

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