Update ip address for vlan on controller MaaS


On my platform lab, we use MaaS server and Juju to deploy OpenStack. Maas is in version 3.1.0.
On MaaS, we have a controller with some vlans interface and ip addresses configurated.
We would like to modify a vlan interface on the controller, juste delete ip address for this vlan.

Is it possible or not ? If yes, how can we update this configuration ? We read docs and did some research but nothing that works.

Help could be very great for us !

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You can do that but I find MaaS will auto populate the subnet if you leave it blank. You can even delete the subnet but MaaS will typically create a new subnet on it’s own. If you don’t need the vlan then I would just delete it.
You might have an extra one or it seems like an extra one but likely there is a Fabric that you don’t have any device attached to but since you mentioned openstack you likely have several LXD containers running as a result this space will have the lxdbr0 bridge attached to it. I have this as well and I can do whatever I want to the subnet but the fabric and vlan cannot be deleted. You can however rename it whatever you desire.

hey, @mikeindo, did @dracozny’s suggestions help you? if not, what remains to be resolved?