Unable to UEFI boot into MaaS

Hello there,

We are currently trying to setup UEFI boot into MaaS, but without success. We are using MaaS 3.1.

The best result so far is when we use bootx64.efi in our external DHCP server (MaaS is not a dhcp server) the host goes into > Checking if media is present > Media is present > PXE boot via IPV4 > Netboot image found and immediately stops on a grub menu where you can basically do nothing. I have tried with both Ubuntu 18 and 20.04 to commission the host.

I have tried manually to add the server with the EFI mode option and manually selecting PXE boot on the host - no real difference. We have updated our 10G PCI network card firmware, everything possible in the BIOS is set to UEFI, but again - no success.

Anyone experienced this issue and managed to solve it? Thanks!

Edit: using bootx64.efi or grubx64.efi has the same result.

hi vgeorgiev,
If the machine download and boot grub then DHCP should configured correctly.

When I face the same issue, usually is due I have secure boot enabled or the machine is already commissioned and in Ready state.

The machine has secure boot disabled and CSM disabled as well.

Also it’s not commissioned or in ready state, because it doesn’t even get to MaaS, because it gets stuck on grub.

Next step it’s check the connection with MAAS. If you are using bonding/trunk, disable and try only one interface.

Turns out that the issue is on our 10G PCI-E network cards (Intel x540) which for whatever reason cannot boot into MaaS. We’ve flashed the latest firmware, but still without success.
Normal on-board NICs work without a problem.

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