Unable to select/add additional commisioning scripts in WebUI (when commisioning)

When I commission a machine, in the WebUI appears all the commissioning scripts. By default all the scripts are checked. When I uncheck one script, I can’t check again.

Which the testing scripts, I can check and uncheck.

I try Firefox and Chrome with the same result. In both browsers the console reports a Javascript error:

The script code where firefox points the problem:

MAAS version currently in use: 2.8.2 (8577-g.a3e674063), but with 2.8.1 happens the same.


Thanks for the reply.
I see the thread in github, and read more in the patch url:

I see is applied to 2.8 and 2.7 branch. I’m using the latest stable 2.8 version and the error persist. Is there any stable version with this error fix?