Unable to deploy a KVM host node with ovs bridge configured in network setting

I was trying to deploy a bare metal node with os ubuntu 20.04 and ovs-bridge configured on interface that has pxe boot enabled and was deploying it as a KVM host.
But deployment failed after a timeout of 30 mins.
MAAS version 3.2.6
Any help would be appreciated

Thanks for reaching out. I understand that you encountered a deployment failure when trying to deploy a bare metal node with Ubuntu 20.04 and OVS-bridge configured on an interface with PXE boot enabled, while deploying it as a KVM host.

To help troubleshoot the issue, I really would need more information about the specific error or failure message you received during the deployment. Please provide any error logs or additional details you have from the deployment process, so I have something concrete to go on.

In the meantime, here are a few general suggestions to investigate and maybe resolve the deployment failure:

  1. Check network connectivity: Ensure that the network connection between the MAAS server, the bare metal node, and the KVM host is stable and functioning properly. Verify that the required network ports are open and accessible. You never know, right?
  2. Review MAAS logs: Check the MAAS logs for any error messages or warnings related to the deployment. The MAAS logs can provide valuable information about the specific issue and help identify the cause of the failure. The logs are typically located in the /var/log/maas/ (apt) or /var/snap/maas/common/log (snap) directory on the MAAS server. Better yet, bundle up the MAAS logs around the time of the failure and send them to us, so we can look at them, also.
  3. Verify KVM host configuration: Ensure that the KVM host is properly configured and can successfully run virtual machines. Verify the network bridge configuration, including the OVS-bridge settings, to ensure they are correctly set up. You might have to break out some command-line networking tools to do this, but it’s worth the trouble.
  4. Validate PXE boot settings: Double-check the PXE boot configuration on the bare metal node to ensure it is properly enabled and configured. Make sure the network interface used for PXE boot is correctly set up and can communicate with the MAAS server. Have you tried watching the console output during deployment? It’s often easy to spot errors that way, though you have to watch it very closely for a little while.
  5. Test deployment on a different machine: To narrow down the issue, try deploying Ubuntu 20.04 with OVS-bridge on a different bare metal node or KVM host. This can help determine if the issue is specific to the particular machine or configuration.

If you encounter any specific error messages or if the issue persists after following these suggestions, please provide more details, including the relevant MAAS logs. This will enable us to assist you further in troubleshooting the deployment failure.