Unable to Deploy 19.10, UI Bug?

Hello folks!

I’ve been testing out a new deployment and targeting Eoan as the Host OS for MAAS managed nodes. However when I try to deploy to a node from the MAAS UI I see:

" ga-19.10 is not available for ubuntu/bionic on amd64/generic. "

(if I select eoan 19.10 in the kernel version dropdown. Otherwise if I don’t specify this and instead choose ‘default kernel’ with 19.10 Eoan Ermine selected in the image dropdown, it actually starts to deploy Bionic instead.

Make sure the distro-info, distro-info-data, and python3-distro-info packages are updated on your system and then restart MAAS.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo systemctl stop maas-rackd
sudo systemctl restart maas-regiond
sudo systemctl start maas-rackd

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Thanks Lee. I think that, and a few other things might have sorted that particular issue.

Question: Should I be able to deploy 19.10 as a MAAS KVM host? I just completed deployment of the same box and it deployed as bionic after I chose 19.10 +KVM Host.

Currently only 18.04+ LTS releases are allowed to be KVM hosts.

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