Unable to commission new Server

I have been attempting to use maas(server1) to commission a server(server2) via the ipmi. It fails at the ephemeral deployment stage.

I attempted to push 18.04, 20.04 and 22.04 images to server2.

MAAS is version 3.2 stable(I attempted with 3.1 stable as well), Ubuntu 22.04 is installed on server 1(attempted with 20.04 as well).
DHCP enabled and is handled by maas.
Maas and server 2 are on the same subnet

Where can I view the log files to see what’s going wrong? Has anyone experienced this before and has a resolution?

I connected a monitor to Server 2 to see what the image(18.04) was doing.

Please view the output below:

Whan is the vendor/model of the NIC on that server? Could you please check that it’s supported by ubuntu?

Its an Intel NIC, ill check if it is compatiable

@sircam, any news on this one?

Hi @sircam,
Can you tray to manually add the machine to maas?

It was a networking issue and not a maas issue. I made changes on my external firewall and switch and the issue was resolved.

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