Ubuntu MAAS 3.3 - PXE not working

Hi All,

I have installed vanilla Ubuntu MAAS 3.3 via snap and configured two interfaces. The one interface is the public default interface used to connect to MAAS and the other is an internal PXE provisioning network. For some reason, the provisioning interface (fabric1) is not able to boot client machines via PXE. I’ve enabled DHCP on the provisioning network provided by MAAS but nothing. Then I noticed the PXE tick on the wrong interface (See attached picture). However, the dhcpd.conf reflects the correct PXE information for the provisioning subnet. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi @shadowphax ,

From the screenshot it looks like you created the machine with the wrong mac address. Could you retry with the mac address ending with e3:68?

Thank you for the response. So this is the maas controller and not a provisioned node. I’ve uploaded another screenshot from the local setup I did last night (you will see the interfaces are different) to provide context. The PXE tick is on the wrong interface and i’m assuming this is what’s causing my issue. The worker nodes boot up but never receive DHCP information from the maas.maas PXE server. I need the nodes to PXE off the network and even though the dhcpd.conf reflects this, it doesn’t seem to work and the PXE tick on the wrong interface seems to indicate this.

You have to look at the last-right column: I see MAAS DHCP is enabled on that vlan so it should work. Could you boot the machine and take a look at the rackd logs https://maas.io/docs/delving-into-maas-logging-practices#heading--Using-the-logs-directly ?

You can also upload them somewhere so that I can take a look

Thank you, r00ta
So turns out the networking team forgot to enable a setting on switching gear. The problem has been resolved and I suspect that the PXE tick might be a cosmetic thing.

Anyway, problem solved. Thank you.

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