Trying to setup a first host with maas

I try out MAAS because I have issues with Ubuntu installs with cobbler, which I currently only use for Centos/redhat installs.

We have distinct security for DNS, DHCP and vmware, so no integration of those possible with MAAS.

I have tried to set up a new vmware virtual machine ( standard ubuntu 20.04 image) with MAAS.
it appears booted and in the vmware console I can see a prompt, but I can’t log in.
The host appears to have no network enabled or a network problem, since it does not respond to pings or ssh (I have set up a public ssh-key in MAAS to use for keybased ssh).
How can I log on to it?

The virtual host install failed with a E1000 NIC, it was during bootup with initrd in the intial tftpboot
But with VMX3NET NIC deploy was possible.
But afterwards in the MAAS interface it got a different IP than in DNS/DHCP/VMWARE, an IP that was duplicate with an existing host.
DHCP is in MAAS not active for all subnets.

I would like to use MAAS to create new physical and virtual machines with custom auto install scripts:

Similar like cobbler with kickstart scripts and snippets.

Besides solutions, tutorials also comments are welcome.

Hi Joost, it’s a little hard to help without more details.

Have you tried using a virtual console to access your VM and see what IP information it has received?