Trouble about commissioning to supermicro server


I have a trouble about commissioning to supermicro server.


  • MAAS 3.1
    • Commissioning OS:Ubuntu 20.04
  • Commissioning target server: Supermicro SYS-5019GP-TT
    • Firmware Revision: 01.73.14
    • BIOS Version: 3.3


I tried to do commissioning to the server. As a result, the following error occurred.

Failed to query node's BMC - (ubuntu) - No rack controllers can access the BMC of node XXXX

[1] XXXX is node’s name. I masked it.

MAAS can get the node’s power status. And, the node’s power status was changed from power-off to power-on by commissioning. But the above error message was appeared.

Do you have any knowledge?

@honjo-rikimaru-c6, can you get us some more log information? See this subsection for details on how to gather and submit log info.


Thank you for your information. I will gather and submit after this.

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Sorry, I found mistake of my settings about BMC. Please close this case.

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