Travis-CI/GCP MaaS Dev environment

I’m trying to do some dev work with MaaS in Travis CI which uses Google Cloud, GCP as part of a larger project. We were able to run a test MaaS successfully in a VM locally with nested VM’s, but once migrated onto GCP, we are running into an architecture issue:
{"architecture": ["'amd64/generic' is not a valid architecture. It should be one of: ''."]}

Does anyone have success running maas as a VM in GCP with a nested virsh VM on the same host?

Where you ever able to solve this? I am running into the same issue and haven’t been able to find away around it.

Yes, actually we were. This was mostly an error we made on our part, below is our code that does everything in travis-ci we used to deploy maas, configure virsh and deploy a nested VM using maas. Our main issue, however, is that doing all of this takes about 20 minutes, which eats too much time for us to continue with the rest of our tests.

Currently, we are working on running two jobs simultaneously, one job deploying maas, the other job using another GCP VM as if it is the MAAS VM.

Here’s the code:

For others who find this and if the link doesn’t work, we may have deleted the branch and merged it into master, just look for the file. :wink:
Feel free to create an issue on our GitLab page and we can continue to work through bugs.

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