Test MAAS: deploy servers to multiple VLANs


I am new to MAAS, managed to setup a test environment deployeing rack+region controller + db on the same host for a small bunch of servers.

It is working…

Now, I am trying to deploy machines to 2 or 3 different VLANs, but I am not getting there.

I assumed that by creating inverfaces on my MAAS server on all VLANs I would be able to deploy servers to those VLANs, but for some reason I cannot.

What is the easiest way to get my test environment to be able to deploy to multiple VLANS???

We are considering a use case where each VLAN belongs to a different customer and we use VLAN isolation to keep them separate.

mmm not a lot of activity on this discourse :frowning: not sure if the maas project is going strong or not as I can find questions similar to this one from several years ago…

Anyway, this is what I am trying:

posibility to use MAAS as deployment only

I created a second network on a different VLAN for the customer and allowed tagged traffic for the machine.
I added a second interface to the machine (vlan) on that network, and set the MAAS interface as “disabled” (worth trying).

Amazingly the installation of the system completes without any problem (got further away than I expected!) but for some reason the MAAS network is still required for the production / deployed system, and the new system gets stock at booting.

I guess there is a call home (not sure what for!) each time the new deployed system is started.

Leave MAAS and Customer interfaces on

I tried to leave both interfaces. with MAAS set to auto-assign and the customer VLAN to DHCP (a external one) as it is already there.

The my routing table seems broken. With multiple default gateways.

Boot on one network and a half

Someone in this forum suggested years a go to declare the MAAS Vlan without default gateway. and then add the 2 interfaces.

That seems to do the trick.

Deployed instance can ready its MAAS controller and proxies but not go anyway further.

Then the customer VLAN works with external DHCP for production traffic.

I think this seems to be the best for a small MAAS deployement and not a super-hyperscale datacenter. Where one VLAN is used for MAAS deployments and the production traffic is run by another according to the business needs of each machine.

I would still prefer to disable the MAAS interface all toguether during normal operation of the machine, thouh it is acceptable a quick call-home and then unlink the interface. Perhaps a Network interface mode could be “deployment-only” which is almost as “disabled” but can be used during boot/call-home.