Template based machine naming

Currently, MaaS name any new machine with a random name such as “angry-whale” …
That’s fun but not terribly useful especially when you add machines dozen by dozen and since there is no templating system, you have to re-check each machine one by one to change their names, set tags or change network/storage configuration.

Would be great to be able to control the naming scheme by basing it on some templating logic, something like that (virtual code, imagine whatever language you like) :

if "Dell" in %manufacturer%  then $manufacturer = "dl";
if "HP" in %manufacturer%  then $manufacturer = "hp";
if "PowerEdge" in %product_name% then $model="pe";
if "Proliant DL" in %product_name% then $model="dl";

$machine_name = "$manufacturer"+"$model"+%maas_az%+"-"+%serial_number%

You see the idea … could be even more interesting when related to a “machine template” feature like what was talked about in Custom storage/network layouts
Something like naming template per machine template or reuse the machine template name as a variable usable for the naming template …
Endless possibilities and a lot less manual operations.