system shutsdown during commission

Hi all. I am commissioning a second machine using maas 2.8.1-8567-g.c4825ca06. Consistently fails in 00-maas-06-get-fruid-api-data and the machine shuts down. The last message was (I am hand typing these … excuse any typos)

cloud-init request to http://10-74-0-0–16.maas-internal:5248/MASS/metadata/2010-03-01/ failed. sleeping 32.: url open error -5 No address associated with host name. A few seconds before that I see Stopping Network Name Resolution then Started Network Name resolution then Finished 00-maas-06-get-fruid-api-data

Any ideas? Can I disable this commisioning step to see if it is specific to it?

If I can, I will attach screen shots from the BMC console

@jeremy-mordkoff, the screen shots will help. i’ll check on it meantime.

@jeremy-mordkoff, it sounds like a DNS or networking issue. can you check your connectivity?

More data.

These systems have 2 interfaces, one for MAAS and one for production. The production interface has a DHCP server that provides a different DNS server.

If I add maas-internal to my corporate DNS server (as a slave) OR I delete the configuration of the CORP net connection before commissioning the new machine, everything works.

So my procedure is now, add the machine, commission it, then configure the CORP net interface.

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yeah, that’s a conflict, and it sounds like your new procedure is the solution. nice catch! but feel free to bounce back if you have more ideas or need more help.

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