Supported versions (snap/2.8/ui)

This document explains what versions of MAAS are supported, and how they are supported.

Support matrix

The following table summarises the support provided for various MAAS versions. Explanations of the terms used in the table are provided below.

Version Support Level Professional Support On Ubuntu base
2.9 COMMUNITY Available Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
2.8 COMMUNITY Available Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
2.7 FAILURE Available Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
2.6 SECURITY Available Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
2.5 NONE Available Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
< 2.5 NONE Not available Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Support levels

The following support levels are defined for MAAS. They cover MAAS major versions as indicated in the table above:

  • NONE = No support; bug reports not prioritised or scheduled, bug fixes from later releases not back-ported, questions not answered outside of any help available from user community via discourse.

  • SECURITY = Security fixes: fixes and back-ports for any relevant security issues which are uncovered.

  • FAILURE = Major feature not working as documented: fixes and back-ports, as appropriate to feature coverage, for any reports of major feature failures. This level also includes anything covered by the SECURITY level.

  • COMMUNITY = Community support, via discourse, with no guaranteed timeline. MAAS core team will review requests and accept bugs for versions that fall into this category, with the understanding that they’re handled on a best-effort basis. Essentially this is the support available for those who do not engage professional support. This level also covers anything covered by the SECURITY and FAILURE levels.

  • PROFESSIONAL = Professional support is more widely available, and can be customised with respect to versions and length of support contract, on a case-by-case basis within limits. Discuss these needs with your sales representative.

Support coverage

  1. At any given time, at least two major versions will be available for Community support. Generally this coverage lasts one year from the time of the major version release. Support for point releases ends when the corresponding major version goes out of support.

  2. The majority of bug fixes and support issues are fixed with point releases of the covered major version.

  3. Not all versions of MAAS are supported on all Ubuntu releases, depending upon how the version is delivered.

  4. Snap versions should function on any Ubuntu version that supports snap. Support on non-Ubuntu is not guaranteed for any release.

  5. Each Debian package is supported on a specific version(s) of the Ubuntu OS. For example, currently, the MAAS 2.9 Debian package is only supported on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal), while MAAS 2.8 is only supported on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic).

Upgrade guide

The following table links to upgrade instructions, indexed by the target release, e.g., the “2.8” row gives instructions on how to upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8.

Target release Installed release Snap upgrade Package upgrade
2.9 2.8 Snap 2.8 to Snap 2.9 Deb 2.8 to Deb 2.9
2.8 2.7 Snap 2.7 to Snap 2.8 Deb 2.7 to Deb 2.8
2.7 2.6 Snap 2.6 to Snap 2.7 Deb 2.6 to Deb 2.7
2.6 2.5 N/A Deb 2.5 to Deb 2.6

Upgrading packages from MAAS 2.6 to MAAS 2.7

MAAS 2.6 and MAAS 2.7 both run on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic), so the upgrade is trivial:

sudo add-apt-repository -u ppa:maas/2.7
sudo apt upgrade maas

Upgrading packages from MAAS 2.5 to MAAS 2.6

MAAS 2.5 and MAAS 2.6 both run on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic), so the upgrade should be trivial:

sudo add-apt-repository -u ppa:maas/2.6
sudo apt upgrade maas

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