Suggested method for handling IPMI logins for MAAS on machines with central profile management?

For a customer I’m working with, after applying firmware upgrades to all of their metals, they also updated profiles from a centralized HP management server. Unfortunately, when this was done, it also removed the MAAS accounts created during MAAS commissioning/provisioning, resulting in MAAS losing the ability to control those machines.

Are there best practices for working with such a system, such as setting up a centralized account for MAAS to use?

In this case, the customer has indicated it may be acceptable to “disconnect” the MAAS-managed systems from the central HP management server and thus avoid the issue, but if there is a proper way of having MAAS work together with this type of a setup, I would be grateful for any details.

I can provide additional details re: specific server software versions if necessary (I’ll have to go look it up).

Best Regards,
Paul Goins

having worked for HP for about half a life in their server and OS divisions, i’m going to make an educated guess that you probably can find a way to configure out the offending behavior, but it’s something you’d have to do on the HP side.

from our side, i’m not sure there’s a standard or even predictable way to deal with this; more like threading the needle. specifically, you’d need to understand what the HP management server is actually doing, what parts of that activity are decoupling MAAS, and how/whether those actions are configurable.

it might also be a question of adding to the HP configuration to “put back” the MAAS config after the update. i would be willing to put good money on the odds of having such a customisable remote configuration, but again, on the HP side.

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