Stuck at "Running machine configuration script..."


I’m trying to bootstrap maas controller, but it gets stuck at “Running machine configuration script…”

juju bootstrap --bootstrap-series=jammy --constraints tags=juju maas-one maas-controller
Creating Juju controller “maas-controller” on maas-one/default
Looking for packaged Juju agent version 2.9.42 for amd64
Located Juju agent version 2.9.42-ubuntu-amd64 at
Launching controller instance(s) on maas-one/default…

  • 86neea (arch=amd64 mem=8G cores=4)
    Installing Juju agent on bootstrap instance
    Fetching Juju Dashboard 0.8.1
    Waiting for address
    Attempting to connect to
    Connected to
    Running machine configuration script…

Please help!


Hi @ahmath-mptc, given that the error message is not that informative my random guess is that it’s actually juju that gets stuck somewhere. Maybe the network is not properly configured. You might try to ssh into the machine and check the cloud-init logs that should be under /var/log